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52-415.  Civil penalty — Forfeiture — Accounting — Lien as to expenses of abatement. Lewd matter is contraband, and there are no property rights therein. All personal property declared to be a moral nuisance in section 52-104, Idaho Code, and all monies and other considerations declared to be a moral nuisance under section 52-105, Idaho Code, are the subject of forfeiture to the local government and are recoverable as damages in the county wherein such matter is sold, exhibited or otherwise used. Such monies may be traced to and shall be recoverable from persons who, under section 52-405, Idaho Code, have knowledge of the nuisance at the time such monies are received by them.
Upon judgment against the defendants in legal proceedings brought pursuant to this chapter, an accounting shall be made by such defendant or defendants of all monies received by them which have been declared to be a public nuisance under this section. An amount equal to the sum of all monies estimated to have been taken in as gross income from such unlawful commercial activity shall be forfeited to the general funds of the city and county governments wherein such matter is sold or exhibited, to be shared equally, as a forfeiture of the fruits of an unlawful enterprise, and as partial restitution for damages done to the public welfare, public health and public morals.
Where the action is brought pursuant to this chapter, special injury need not be proven, and the costs of abatement are a lien on both the real and personal property used in maintaining the nuisance. Costs of abatement include, but are not limited to the following:
(1)  investigative costs.
(2)  court costs.
(3)  reasonable attorney’s fees arising out of the preparation for, and trial of the cause, and appeals therefrom, and other costs allowed on appeal.
(4)  printing costs of trial and appellate briefs, and all other papers filed in such proceedings.

[52-415, added 1976, ch. 82, sec. 4, p. 280.]

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