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54-1227.  Surveys — Authority and duties of professional land surveyors and professional engineers. (1) Every licensed professional land surveyor is hereby authorized to make land surveys and it shall be the duty of each licensed professional land surveyor, whenever making any professional boundary land survey as defined in section 54-1202, Idaho Code, that is not preliminary in nature, to set permanent and reliable magnetically detectable monuments at all unmonumented corners field-located, the minimum size of which shall be one-half (1/2) inch in least dimension and two (2) feet long iron or steel rod, or a metallic post or pipe one (1) inch in least dimension and two (2) feet long with minimum wall thickness of nominal one-eighth (1/8) inch, or other more substantial monuments designed specifically for use as a survey monument. Such monuments must be substantially in the ground, stable, and permanently marked with the license number of the professional land surveyor responsible for placing the monument.
(2)  Where special circumstances preclude use of such monuments, the professional land surveyor must place an alternate, stable, permanent monument that is magnetically detectable and marked with the license number of the professional land surveyor placing the monument.
(3)  Where the corner position cannot be monumented due to special circumstances, the professional land surveyor must establish reference monuments or a witness corner and mark them as such.
(4)  Any found nonmagnetically detectable monument must be remonumented with a magnetically detectable monument compliant with subsections (1) through (3) of this section.
(5)  Professional engineers qualified and duly licensed pursuant to this chapter may also perform those other surveys necessary and incidental to their work.

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