Idaho Statutes

54-1733E.  tobacco cessation products — prescription. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, a pharmacist acting in good faith and exercising reasonable care may prescribe any tobacco cessation product approved by the federal food and drug administration, provided the following conditions are met:
(1)  Prior to prescribing tobacco cessation products, the pharmacist must successfully complete a course on tobacco cessation therapy taught by a provider accredited by the accreditation council for pharmacy education or by a comparable provider recognized by the board;
(2)  When a patient requests a tobacco cessation product, the pharmacist shall use a screening procedure based on clinical guidelines to identify appropriate candidates for treatment by the pharmacist. The pharmacist shall refer high-risk patients or patients with a contraindication to the patient’s primary care provider, as applicable, or to another provider, as appropriate; and
(3)  When a pharmacist prescribes a tobacco cessation product:
(a)  Documentation of the patient screening and the prescription record shall be maintained in the records of the pharmacy and a copy shall be made available to the patient or the patient’s provider, or both, upon request;
(b)  A follow-up care plan shall be developed and implemented in accordance with clinical guidelines;
(c)  Notification of the patient screening, the prescription record and the follow-up care plan shall be provided to the patient’s primary care provider, as applicable, within five (5) business days following the prescribing of a tobacco cessation product; and
(d)  The pharmacist shall recommend that the patient seek additional assistance for behavior change including, but not limited to, the Idaho QuitLine.

[54-1733E, added 2017, ch. 25, sec. 2, p. 46.]

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