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54-1753.  Wholesale drug distributor licensing requirement — Minimum requirements for licensure. (1) Every business entity that engages in the wholesale distribution of prescription drugs in or into Idaho must be licensed by the board as a wholesale distributor except:
(a)  Manufacturers distributing their own federal food and drug administration approved drugs and devices including distribution of prescription drug samples by manufacturer’s representatives and intracompany sales, meaning any transaction or transfer between any division, subsidiary, parent or affiliated or related company under common ownership and control of a corporate entity or any transfer between colicensees of a colicensed product, unless particular requirements are deemed necessary and appropriate following rulemaking.
(b)  An entity that donates prescription drugs, when conducted in accordance with sections 54-1760 through 54-1765, Idaho Code.
(c)  A pharmacy distributing in accordance with section 54-1732, Idaho Code.
(d)  Persons selling, purchasing, distributing, trading or transferring a prescription drug for emergency medical reasons.
(2)  The board shall require the following minimum information from each wholesale distributor applying for a license under subsection (1) of this section:
(a)  The name, full business address and telephone number of the licensee;
(b)  All trade or business names used by the licensee;
(c)  Addresses, telephone numbers, and the names of contact persons for all facilities used by the licensee for the storage, handling, and distribution of prescription drugs;
(d)  The type of ownership or operation, i.e., partnership, corporation, or sole proprietorship;
(e)  The name of each person who is an owner or an operator of the licensee;
(f)  A list of all licenses and permits issued to the applicant by any other state that authorizes the applicant to purchase or possess prescription drugs;
(g)  The name of the applicant’s designated representative for the facility, together with the personal information statement and fingerprints, required pursuant to paragraph (h) of this subsection for such individual;
(h)  Each individual required by paragraph (g) of this subsection to provide a personal information statement and fingerprints shall provide the following information to the board:
(i)    The individual’s places of residence for the past seven (7) years;
(ii)   The individual’s date and place of birth;
(iii)  The individual’s occupations, positions of employment and offices held during the past seven (7) years;
(iv)   The principal business and address of any business, corporation or other organization in which each such office of the individual was held or in which each such occupation or position of employment was carried on;
(v)    Whether the individual has been, during the past seven (7) years, the subject of any proceeding for the revocation of any license or any criminal violation and, if so, the nature of the proceeding and the disposition of the proceeding;
(vi)   Whether, during the past seven (7) years, the individual has been enjoined, either temporarily or permanently, by a court of competent jurisdiction from violating any federal or state law regulating the possession, control or distribution of prescription drugs or criminal violations, together with details concerning any such event;
(vii)  A description of any involvement by the individual with any business, including any investments, other than the ownership of stock in a publicly traded company or mutual fund, during the past seven (7) years, which manufactured, administered, prescribed, distributed or stored pharmaceutical products, and any lawsuits in which such businesses were named as a party and in which the individual was also a named party in the same lawsuit or, regardless of whether the individual was a named party, in which the individual testified as a witness at trial or in a deposition;
(viii) A description of any felony criminal offense of which the individual, as an adult, was found guilty, regardless of whether adjudication of guilt was withheld or whether the individual pled guilty or nolo contendere. If the individual indicates that a criminal conviction is under appeal and submits a copy of the notice of appeal of that criminal offense, the applicant must, within fifteen (15) days after the disposition of the appeal, submit to the board a copy of the final written order of disposition; and
(ix)   A photograph of the individual taken in the previous year.
(3)  The information required pursuant to subsection (2) of this section shall be provided under oath.
(4)  The board shall not issue a wholesale distributor license to an applicant, unless the board:
(a)  Conducts a physical inspection of the facility at the address provided by the applicant as required in subsection (2)(a) of this section or approves an inspection report that evidences equivalent standards to those in Idaho; and
(b)  Determines that the designated representative meets the following qualifications:
(i)    Is at least twenty-one (21) years of age;
(ii)   Has been employed full time for at least three (3) years in a pharmacy or with a wholesale distributor in a capacity related to the dispensing and distribution of, and recordkeeping relating to, prescription drugs;
(iii)  Is employed by the applicant full time in a managerial level position;
(iv)   Is actively involved in and aware of the actual daily operation of the wholesale distributor;
(v)    Is physically present at the facility of the applicant during regular business hours, except when the absence of the designated representative is authorized including, but not limited to, sick leave and vacation leave;
(vi)   Is serving in the capacity of a designated representative for only one (1) applicant at a time, except where more than one (1) licensed wholesale distributor is colocated in the same facility and such wholesale distributors are members of an affiliated group, as defined in section 1504 of the Internal Revenue Code;
(vii)  Does not have any convictions under any federal, state or local law relating to wholesale or retail prescription drug distribution or distribution of controlled substances; and
(viii) Does not have any felony convictions under federal, state or local law.
(5)   All applicant-designated representatives shall submit to a fingerprint-based criminal history check of the Idaho central criminal history database and the federal bureau of investigation criminal history database. Each applicant shall submit a completed ten (10) finger fingerprint card or scan to the board of pharmacy at the time of application and shall pay the cost of the criminal history check.
(6)  If a wholesale distributor distributes prescription drugs in or into Idaho from more than one (1) facility, the wholesale distributor shall obtain a license for each facility.
(7)   A wholesale distributor shall have adequate processes in place for monitoring purchase activity of customers and identifying suspicious ordering patterns that identify potential diversion or criminal activity related to controlled substances such as orders of unusual size, orders deviating substantially from a normal pattern, orders for drugs that are outside of the prescriber’s scope of practice, or orders of unusual frequency.
(8)  The designated representative identified pursuant to subsection (2)(g) of this section must receive and complete continuing training in applicable federal law and the law of this state governing wholesale distribution of prescription drugs.
(9)  The board may adopt rules to approve an accreditation body to evaluate a wholesaler’s operations to determine compliance with professional standards and any other applicable laws, and to perform inspections of each facility and location where wholesale distribution operations are conducted by the wholesaler.

[54-1753, added 2007, ch. 319, sec. 1, p. 952; am. 2008, ch. 190, sec. 1, p. 595; am. 2015, ch. 28, sec. 6, p. 55.]

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