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54-1754.  Restrictions on transactions. (1) A wholesale distributor shall receive prescription drug returns or exchanges from a pharmacy or chain pharmacy warehouse pursuant to the terms and conditions of the agreement between the wholesale distributor and the pharmacy or chain pharmacy warehouse. Returns of expired, damaged, recalled or otherwise nonsaleable pharmaceutical product shall be distributed by the receiving wholesale distributor only to either the original manufacturer or third-party returns processor, including a reverse distributor. Wholesale distributors and pharmacies shall be held accountable for administering their returns process and ensuring that the aspects of this operation are secure and do not permit the entry of adulterated and counterfeit product.
(2)  A wholesale distributor shall not engage in the wholesale distribution of prescription drugs that are purchased from pharmacies or practitioners or from wholesale distributors that purchase them from pharmacies or practitioners.
(3)  A manufacturer or wholesale distributor shall furnish prescription drugs only to a person licensed by the appropriate state licensing agency to manufacture, distribute, dispense, conduct research or independently administer such prescription drugs, unless exempted by law. A manufacturer or wholesale distributor shall furnish a scheduled controlled substance listed in section 37-2705, 37-2707, 37-2709, 37-2711 or 37-2713, Idaho Code, only to a person who has been issued a valid controlled substance registration by the United States drug enforcement administration and the Idaho board of pharmacy, unless exempted by state or federal law.
(4)  Prescription drugs furnished by a manufacturer or wholesale distributor shall be delivered only to the registered address; provided that the manufacturer or wholesale distributor may furnish prescription drugs to an authorized person or agent of that person at the premises of the manufacturer or wholesale distributor if:
(a)  The identity and authorization of the recipient is properly established; and
(b)  This method of receipt is employed only to meet the immediate needs of a particular patient of the authorized person.
(5)  Prescription drugs may be furnished to a hospital pharmacy receiving area provided that a pharmacist or authorized receiving personnel signs, at the time of delivery, a receipt showing the type and quantity of the prescription drug so received. Any discrepancy between receipt and the type and quantity of the prescription drug actually received shall be reported to the delivering manufacturer or wholesale distributor by the next business day after the delivery to the pharmacy receiving area.
(6)  A manufacturer or wholesale distributor shall not accept payment for, or allow the use of, a person’s credit to establish an account for the purchase of prescription drugs from any person other than the owner(s) of record, the chief executive officer or the chief financial officer listed on the license of a person legally authorized to receive prescription drugs. Any account established for the purchase of prescription drugs must bear the name of the licensee.

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