Idaho Statutes

54-205.  Meetings — Compensation — Executive director. The board shall have its principal office in Ada county. Four (4) members of the board shall constitute a quorum, a majority of whom may act. The board shall meet no less than three (3) times each year; provided, however, special meetings may be called at any time during the year after notice to all members of the board of such special meetings. The board shall elect annually a chair, a vice chair, a secretary and a treasurer from its members. The offices of secretary and treasurer may be in the same person. The members of the board shall be compensated as provided by section 59-509(i), Idaho Code.
The board shall have the power to name an executive director who need not be a member of the board or a licensee and who may be a full-time or part-time employee of the state of Idaho. The board shall prescribe the duties of the executive director. Such duties shall include but are not limited to:
(1)  Maintenance of a licensee registry;
(2)  The preparation of all papers and records for the board; and
(3)  Enforcement or investigative activities as directed by the board.

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