Idaho Statutes

54-2117.  Relicensing and reinstatement. Any person whose license is suspended or revoked may, at the discretion of the board, be relicensed or reinstated at any time with or without an examination, by majority vote of the board on written application made to the board showing cause justifying relicensing or reinstatement.
In reinstating a license which has been suspended or revoked under section 54-2115, Idaho Code, the board may impose terms and conditions to be followed by the licensee after the license has been reinstated. The authority of the board to impose terms and conditions includes, but is not limited to, the following:
(1)  Requiring the licensee to obtain additional professional training and to pass an examination upon completion of the training.
(2)  Requiring the licensee to pass an oral, written, practical or clinical examination, or any combination thereof to determine present fitness to engage in the practice of veterinary medicine.
(3)  Restricting or limiting the extent, scope, or type of practice of the licensee.
(4)  Requiring the licensee to obtain professional counseling and undergo and maintain treatment and testing for alcohol or drug related problems.

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