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54-3405C.  Qualifications for licensure. (1)  In addition to such other information as the board may require by rule, each applicant for licensure as a licensed marriage and family therapist shall:
(a)  Hold a master’s degree or higher in marriage and family therapy or a related field of study as approved by the board and complete a practicum of supervised clinical contact with individuals, couples, families and other systems as part of the graduate program and as defined by rule;
(b)  Document postgraduate supervised experience in marriage and family therapy acceptable to the board as defined by rule;
(c)  Submit an application in the form prescribed by the board;
(d)  Pay the fee determined by the board by rule; and
(e)  Provide evidence satisfactory to the board of having successfully passed an examination approved by the board and defined by rule.
(2)  A license will not be allowed an individual whose license, certification or registration has been revoked or suspended in this or any other state and in this or any other related field. Such an individual may not be licensed under this chapter unless the period of revocation or suspension has been completed and the board has conducted a competency review and determined that an acceptable degree of rehabilitation has been accomplished.

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