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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


54-4007.  POWERS AND DUTIES OF THE BOARD. The board shall have the authority to:
(1)  Determine the qualifications of persons applying for licensure pursuant to this chapter and to define, by rule, the appropriate scope of massage therapy in this state, provided however, that the scope of practice may not exceed that defined in section 54-4002(7), Idaho Code;
(2)  Authorize, by written agreement, the division of occupational and professional licenses as agent to act in its interest;
(3)  Promulgate such rules as are necessary for the administration of this chapter, including standards of professional conduct;
(4)  Conduct investigations and hold hearings and compel the attendance of witnesses and the production of papers at such investigations or hearings;
(5)  Collect fees and other funds as prescribed by this chapter;
(6)  Contract and pursue other matters lawful in this state relating to massage therapy;
(7)  Provide such other services and perform such other functions as are necessary and desirable to fulfill its purposes;
(8)  Establish requirements for renewal of license and approval of continuing education courses as set forth in section 67-2614, Idaho Code;
(9)  Establish rules for the approval of massage therapy entry-level educational standards but must remain consistent with curriculum requirements in this chapter, or rules promulgated pursuant thereto;
(10) Establish requirements for a student tuition credit program; and
(11) Establish requirements for a temporary license and provisional permit.
The registration of massage schools shall remain with the state board of education in accordance with chapter 24, title 33, Idaho Code.

[54-4007, added 2012, ch. 261, sec. 1, p. 726; am. 2016, ch. 174, sec. 2, p. 477; am. 2022, ch. 94, sec. 56, p. 319.]

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