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54-4711.  Suspension and revocation. To protect the health, safety and welfare of the public, the board, in accordance with the requirements of chapter 52, title 67, Idaho Code, may refuse to issue or may refuse to renew a license, certification, or permit or may suspend or revoke a license, certification, or permit, under such conditions as the board may require, if the applicant or holder of the license, certification, or permit has:
(1)  Been convicted of a crime deemed relevant in accordance with section 67-9411(1), Idaho Code;
(2)  Obtained or attempted to obtain the issuance or renewal of a license, certification or permit pursuant to this chapter by means of fraud, misrepresentation or concealment of material facts;
(3)  Engaged in the practice of acupuncture in a manner that does not meet the generally accepted standards for the practice of acupuncture within the state of Idaho;
(4)  Failed to maintain the confidentiality of records or other information pertaining to an identifiable client, except as required or authorized by law;
(5)  Engaged in any conduct that constitutes an abuse or exploitation of a client arising out of the trust and confidence placed in the acupuncturist by the client;
(6)  Engaged in conduct that violates the provisions of this chapter, the rules of the board or the terms of any permit issued by the board;
(7)  Failed to comply with a board order entered in a disciplinary matter;
(8)  Had a license revoked or suspended or has been otherwise disciplined by the board or the proper authorities of another state, territory, or jurisdiction of the United States or another country; or
(9)  Had a license or certification in a related field revoked or suspended or has been otherwise disciplined in Idaho or another state, territory, or jurisdiction of the United States or another country.

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