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54-5004.  Idaho heating, ventilation and air conditioning board. (1) The Idaho heating, ventilation and air conditioning board, referred to as the board, is hereby created and made part of the division of occupational and professional licenses. It shall be the responsibility and duty of the administrator of the division of occupational and professional licenses to administer and enforce the provisions of this chapter, and the board shall make, promulgate and publish such rules as may be necessary to carry out the provisions of this chapter. Except as may be limited or prohibited by law, such rules so made and promulgated shall have the force of statute.
(2)  The board shall consist of seven (7) members, appointed by the governor, who shall serve at the pleasure of the governor. All board members shall be appointed for a term of three (3) years. Whenever a vacancy occurs, the governor shall forthwith appoint a qualified person to fill the vacancy for the unexpired portion of the term. All members of the board shall be United States citizens, residents of this state for not less than two (2) years, and qualified by knowledge, integrity and experience to properly perform the functions of the board. All members of the board shall take, subscribe and file with the secretary of state an oath of office in the form, manner and time as prescribed by chapter 4, title 59, Idaho Code.
(3)  Of the seven (7) board members, two (2) members shall be active HVAC contractors with not less than five (5) years’ experience in the HVAC contracting business; one (1) member shall be a city official; one (1) member shall be a county official; one (1) member shall be a private sector mechanical engineer with experience in mechanical system design; one (1) member shall be a representative of the HVAC industry; and one (1) member shall be a member of the general public with an interest in the rights of consumers of HVAC services.
(4)  The board shall meet within thirty (30) days after the appointment of all its members and thereafter at such other times as may be expedient and necessary for the proper performance of its duties. At the board’s first meeting, and every two (2) years thereafter, the members shall elect one (1) of their number to be chairman and one (1) of their number to be vice chairman. A majority of the board shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business and not less than two (2) quorum meetings shall be held each year. The board may delegate to any member, or its chairman or other employees, the power to make investigations and hold hearings at any place it may deem proper, and to report findings to it; and it may delegate to its chairman and employees the performance of ministerial functions.
(5)  Each member of the board shall be compensated as provided in section 59-509(n), Idaho Code.

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