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54-902A.  DEFINITION — PRACTICE OF DENTAL THERAPY. The practice of dental therapy is the doing by one (1) person for a direct or indirect consideration of one (1) or more of the following with respect to the teeth or dental health of another person, namely, identifying oral and systemic conditions, performing dental prophylaxis, dispensing and administering nonnarcotic analgesics, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic medications as prescribed by a licensed dentist, applying preventive agents, preparation and placement of direct restorations in primary and permanent teeth, indirect and direct pulp capping on permanent teeth, indirect pulp capping on primary teeth, and such other dental services as specified by the supervising dentist and for which the dental therapist is trained unless prohibited by the board in its adopted rules. The board shall enter into negotiated rulemaking to establish the appropriate levels of supervision for each authorized service or procedure. Except as otherwise specified in this chapter, such services and procedures shall be limited to the discharge of official duties on behalf of the United States government, including through the United States public health service, the Indian health service, or tribal health programs contracted to perform services on behalf of the United States government in a practice setting within the exterior boundaries of a tribal reservation.

[54-902A, added 2019, ch. 221, sec. 2, p. 670.]

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