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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


55-1608.  Professional land surveyor to establish or rehabilitate monuments. (1) In every case where a corner record of a survey corner is required to be filed or recorded under the provisions of this chapter, the professional land surveyor must rehabilitate or remonument any corner in accordance with subsection (2) of this section. Where the corner position is monumented with a stable, permanent, substantial, accessible, magnetically detectable, and uniquely identifiable monument, a new monument will not be required. The professional land surveyor must also recover, establish, or rehabilitate a minimum of three (3) accessories to such corner where practicable. Where the professional land surveyor determines accessories are impracticable, an explanation shall be included on the corner record.
(2)  Any monument set shall conform to the provisions of section 54-1227, Idaho Code, and shall be surmounted with a cap of such material and size that can be permanently and legibly marked as prescribed by the manual of surveying instructions issued by the United States department of the interior, bureau of land management, including the license number of the professional land surveyor responsible for placing the monument. Monuments shall be marked such that measurements between them may be made to the nearest one-tenth (0.1) foot. If the monument is set by a public officer, it shall be marked by an appropriate official designation. Where it is impracticable to monument a corner due to situations beyond the professional land surveyor’s control, reference points or a witness corner shall be recovered or established. The professional land surveyor must also document the reason the monument cannot be set, the method of establishing the corner location, and the presence of any found or set reference point or witness corner on his corner record and record of survey or plat.
(3)   Where closing corners that are not on or controlling for the line closed upon were set in any government survey authorized by the congress of the United States and the true point of intersection of the pertinent lines is controlling in a survey, resurvey, or subdivision of a section, the true point of intersection shall be monumented with a monument conforming to subsection (2) of this section. Any professional land surveyor establishing such a monument shall prepare and file a corner record for the true point of intersection monument, including any evidence related to and the pedigree of the original closing corner. If found, the original closing corner monument position must be remonumented as an amended monument in accordance with subsection (2) of this section.

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