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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


55-1708.  SUPPLEMENTAL COORDINATE DESCRIPTIONS. (1) Whenever coordinates based on the IPCS are used to describe any boundary or right in real property, which in the same document or another document of record is also described by reference to any subdivision, line, or corner of the United States public land surveys or the lines or corners of a recorded subdivision, the description by coordinates shall be construed as supplemental to the basic description of such subdivision, line, or corner contained in the official plats and field notes of the United States public land surveys filed of record or in a recorded subdivision plat. In the event of any conflict, a description by reference to the subdivisions, lines, or corners of the United States public land surveys or lines and corners of a recorded subdivision shall prevail over any description by coordinates, unless said coordinates are upheld by adjudication, in which case the coordinate description shall prevail.
(2)  Every recorded map, survey, plat, conveyance, or other instrument affecting title to or rights in real property that delineates, describes, or refers to such property or any part thereof by reference to coordinates based upon the IPCS shall also describe the property by reference and tie to public land survey corners as defined in section 55-1603(11), Idaho Code, unless such property is within a recorded subdivision, in which case the property may be described by reference and tie to lines and corners within such subdivision.

[55-1708, added 2021, ch. 174, sec. 14, p. 486.]

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