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55-1905.  Records of survey — Filing. The records of survey to be filed under authority of this chapter shall be processed as follows:
(1)  The record of survey shall be a map using the same media and copy process as provided in section 50-1304, Idaho Code. The map shall be eighteen (18) inches by twenty-seven (27) inches in size, with a three and one-half (3 1/2) inch margin at the left end for binding, and a one-half (1/2) inch margin on all other edges. No part of the drawing or certificates shall encroach upon the margins. Signatures shall be in reproducible black ink. The sheet or sheets which contain the drawing or diagram representing the survey shall be drawn at a scale suitable to ensure the clarity of all lines, bearings and dimensions. In the event that any survey is of such magnitude that the drawing or diagram cannot be placed on a single sheet, serially numbered sheets shall be prepared and match lines shall be indicated on the drawing or diagram with appropriate references to other sheets.
(2)  The original transparency and one (1) legible print of each record of survey shall be furnished to the county recorder in the county or counties in which the survey is to be recorded.

[55-1905, added 1978, ch. 107, sec. 1, p. 222; am. 1997, ch. 190, sec. 18, p. 530; am. 2015, ch. 48, sec. 6, p. 106.]

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