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56-1023.  Rules. (1) The commission is authorized and directed to adopt appropriate rules defining the allowable scope of practice and acts and duties which can be performed by persons licensed by the EMS bureau and the required level of supervision by a licensed physician.
(2)  The board is authorized and directed to adopt appropriate rules and standards concerning the administration of sections 56-1011 through 56-1022 and this section, Idaho Code, including criteria for educational programs, certification and licensure of personnel, certification of EMS instructors, licensure of ambulance, air medical and nontransport services, manufacturing standards for ambulances and nontransport vehicles, criteria for the use of air medical services by licensed EMS personnel at emergency scenes, establishment of fees for training, inspections and licensure, appropriate requirements for renewal of licensure of personnel and agencies and the management of complaints, investigations and license actions against licensed EMS personnel and agencies. The rules of the board must be consistent with the rules adopted by the commission.
(3)  Additionally, the department shall develop guidelines, standards and procedures for reducing exposure to pathogens from human blood, tissue or fluids. Such guidelines, standards and procedures shall be made available to all law enforcement personnel, all emergency medical services personnel and agencies, and such other emergency personnel who request such information.

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