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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


56-1029.  IDAHO TRAUMA, STROKE AND HEART ATTACK CENTERS — DESIGNATION. (1) The council shall designate a hospital as a trauma, stroke or heart attack center when such hospital, upon proper application and verification, has been found by the council to meet the applicable level of trauma, stroke or heart attack center criteria as established by the council.
(2)  In developing trauma, stroke and heart attack center designation criteria, the council shall use, as is practicable, appropriate peer-reviewed or evidence-based research including, but not limited to, the most recent guidelines of the American college of surgeons committee on trauma, American college of cardiology and American heart association for heart attack centers, or the joint commission’s primary stroke center certification program criteria for stroke centers, or primary and comprehensive stroke center recommendations as published by the American stroke association or other nationally recognized authoritative standards.
(3)  Participation criteria shall be published in rules promulgated by the council.
(4)  The council shall conduct a periodic verification review of every trauma, heart attack and stroke facility. Verification reviews shall be coordinated for the different types of centers to the extent practicable with hospital resources. No person who has a substantial conflict of interest in the operation of any trauma, stroke and heart attack center under review shall participate in the verification review of the facility.
(5)  The council shall coordinate an on-site review as necessary to assure that a hospital meets the criteria for the desired designation. The council may waive an on-site review when a hospital has been verified by a nationally recognized accrediting body to meet or exceed standards established by the council.
(6)  The council may deny, place on probation, suspend or revoke any designation when it has reasonable cause to believe that there has been misrepresentation or falsification of information or a substantial failure to comply with the criteria for designation promulgated by the council. If the council has reasonable cause to believe that a hospital is not in compliance with such provisions, it may require the facility to submit additional documentation or undergo additional site reviews to verify compliance.
(7)  No hospital may hold itself out to the public as an Idaho designated trauma center, Idaho designated stroke facility or Idaho designated heart attack facility unless it is designated as such by the council.
(8)  A hospital aggrieved because of the council’s decision shall be entitled to appeal to the council in the manner prescribed by the council and shall be afforded reasonable notice and opportunity for a fair hearing.
(9)  Actions of the council relating to adoption of rules, notice, hearings, appeals from decisions of the department or the director, and review shall be governed by the provisions of chapter 52, title 67, Idaho Code, the administrative procedure act.

[56-1029, added 2014, ch. 147, sec. 6, p. 405.]

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