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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


56-1041.  State x-ray control agency. (1) The state department of health and welfare is designated as the state agency having the responsibility for administration of the regulatory, licensing and radiation control provisions associated with x-ray producing machines, as defined in section 56-1042, Idaho Code.
(2)  The director of the department of health and welfare shall be administrator of the agency, hereinafter referred to as the director, who shall perform the functions vested in the agency pursuant to the provisions of sections 56-1041 through 56-1053, Idaho Code.
(3)  In accordance with the laws of the state, the director may appoint, fix the compensation, and prescribe the powers and duties of such individuals, including consultants, advisory councils, emergency teams and committees as may be necessary to carry out the provisions of sections 56-1041 through 56-1053, Idaho Code. The personnel engaged in field activities of evaluation and inspection shall at least have a baccalaureate degree in the physical and/or life sciences, or the equivalent, and be trained in health physics.
(4)  The agency shall for the protection of the occupational and public health and safety:
(a)  Develop programs for evaluation of hazards associated with use of radiation;
(b)  Formulate and recommend that the board of health and welfare adopt, promulgate and repeal codes, rules and standards relating to control of x-ray producing machines;
(c)  Advise, consult, and cooperate with other agencies of the state, and federal government, other states and interstate agencies, political subdivisions, and with groups concerned with control of x-ray producing machines;
(d)  Encourage, participate in, or conduct studies, investigations, training, research and demonstrations relating to x-ray producing machines;
(e)  Collect and disseminate information relating to control of x-ray producing machines, including:
(i)   Maintenance of a file of all license applications, issuances, denials, amendments, transfers, renewals, modifications, suspensions and revocations; and
(ii)  Maintenance of a file of registrants possessing x-ray producing machines requiring registration under the provisions of sections 56-1041 through 56-1053, Idaho Code, and any administrative or judicial action pertaining thereto;
(f)  Have the authority to accept and administer loans, grants, or other funds or gifts, conditional or otherwise, in furtherance of its functions from the federal government and from other sources, public or private;
(g)  Issue subpoenas in order to compel the attendance of necessary witnesses and/or the production of records and documents.

[56-1041, added 2001, ch. 110, sec. 37, p. 390.]

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