Idaho Statutes

57-1201.  Distribution of funds to counties by state treasurer. All funds received by the state of Idaho, as its distributive share of the amounts collected by the United States Government under the provisions of the Congress of June 28, 1934 (48 Stat. 1269) known as the Taylor Grazing Act, and any act amendatory thereof, shall be deposited with the state treasurer. Upon receipt of said money, the state treasurer shall distribute the same to the several counties of the state in which grazing districts, or lands producing such moneys are located, by warrant drawn on the state treasurer. The state treasurer, shall, upon the date this act becomes effective, and annually thereafter, ascertain from the proper United States officers having the records of receipt from grazing permits, the amount of receipts from such sources in the state of Idaho for each year for which money is received by the state of Idaho, keep a separate account of the sums received from lands producing such moneys, and apportion the distributive shares of the same among the several counties in which said grazing district is located; and if any such grazing district lies in more than one county of the state, each such county shall receive such proportionate amount of said sum as the area of such grazing district included within the boundary of such county shall bear to the total area of such grazing district.

[57-1201, added 1937, ch. 28, sec. 1, p. 39; am. 1939, ch. 57, sec. 1, p. 102; am. 1980, ch. 137, sec. 1, p. 301.]

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