Idaho Statutes

58-703.  Lava Hot Springs — Cession to United States authorized. The state board of land commissioners, acting for and on behalf of the state of Idaho, is hereby authorized, empowered and directed to cede, grant, relinquish and convey to the government of the United States, such part or parcels of lands hereinafter described as may be convenient and necessary, and required as and for a site for a national veterans’ sanatorium or hospital, and such portion of the hot mineral and cold water and water rights appurtenant to the said lands as may be necessary and convenient for the operation and maintenance of such institution, and such mineral baths as may be maintained and operated in connection therewith, and for the irrigation, operation and maintenance of the grounds and lands upon which such institution and baths are located and maintained. Upon acceptance by the United States government and the proper department or bureau thereof, authorized by any act of congress, to erect such veterans’ sanatorium or hospital, the state board of land commissioners shall execute a conveyance in fee simple to said United States government or its department or bureau, which deed shall be signed by the governor and countersigned by the secretary of state and by the director of the department of lands, and attested with the great seal of the state and seal of the state board of land commissioners, which said deed shall operate to convey a good and sufficient title in fee simple.

[(58-703) 1931, ch. 196, sec. 1, p. 340; I.C.A., sec. 56-603; am. 1974, ch. 17, sec. 74, p. 308.]

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