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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


61-1606.  Cost reduction instruments. (1) Public utilities and assignees may issue and sell cost reduction instruments upon approval by the commission of such action in a cost reduction order.
(2)  Public utilities and assignees may sell and assign all or portions of their interest in cost reduction property that is the basis for the issuance of cost reduction instruments to the extent approved in the pertinent cost reduction order. To the extent approved in the pertinent cost reduction orders, public utilities and assignees may also pledge cost reduction property as collateral, directly or indirectly, for cost reduction instruments providing for a security interest in the cost reduction property, in the manner as set forth in this chapter. Cost reduction property may also be sold or assigned by:
(a)  A public utility, an assignee or a trustee for the holders of cost reduction instruments in connection with the exercise of remedies upon a default; or
(b)  Any person acquiring the cost reduction property after a sale or assignment pursuant to this subsection.
(3)  To the extent that any interest in cost reduction property is so sold or assigned, or is so pledged as collateral, the commission may authorize the public utility to contract with an assignee that it will continue to operate its system to provide service to its customers, will collect amounts with respect to the cost reduction rates for the benefit and account of the assignee, and will account for and remit these amounts to or for the account of the assignee. Contracting with the assignee in accordance with that authorization shall not impair or negate the characterization of the sale, assignment or pledge as an absolute transfer, a true sale or security interest, as applicable.
(4)  Upon approval by the commission of a cost reduction order, any issuance of cost reduction instruments approved therein, any related transfer or pledge of cost reduction property and any other transactions incidental to such issuance shall be exempt from the requirements of 61-901 through 61-908, Idaho Code. The commission may include in any cost reduction order any additional approvals that may be required in connection with such issuance under applicable law.
(5)  An assignee shall not be considered to be an electric or gas corporation solely by virtue of the transactions described in this chapter.

[61-1606, added 2005, ch. 372, sec. 1, p. 1190.]

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