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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


63-2440.  Exemptions from international fuel tax agreement license and reports and temporary permits. (1) In lieu of obtaining an IFTA license, any person operating a motor vehicle over twenty-six thousand (26,000) pounds maximum gross weight, propelled by special fuels in this state, shall secure a temporary permit under section 49-432, Idaho Code, authorizing the operation of such vehicle in the state. The temporary permit shall be obtained through the Idaho transportation department. The fees shall be those provided by section 49-432, Idaho Code, and the revenues shall be distributed as provided by section 40-701, Idaho Code.
(2)  A motor vehicle owned or operated by another state of the United States or an agency or political subdivision thereof shall be exempt from the requirements of sections 63-2438 and 63-2439, Idaho Code, if the state where the vehicle is owned grants a substantially similar exemption to vehicles owned by the state of Idaho, its agencies or political subdivisions.
(3)  Recreational vehicles, as defined in section 63-2401, Idaho Code, and buses used exclusively for personal pleasure by an individual shall be exempt from the requirements of sections 63-2438 and 63-2439, Idaho Code. A recreational vehicle used in connection with any business or institutional endeavor shall not qualify for the exemption under this subsection.

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