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63-4011.  Civil liability. (1) Except as otherwise provided in this section, if any revenue officer fails to comply with any provision of this chapter with respect to any person, the tax commission is liable to that person in an amount equal to the sum of:
(a)  Any actual damage sustained by that person as a result of such failure;
(b)  (i)   In the case of any action by an individual, such additional damages as the court may allow, but not exceeding one thousand dollars ($1,000); or
(ii)  In the case of a class action, such amount for each named plaintiff as could be recovered under subsection (1)(a) of this section, and such amount as the court may allow for all other class members, without regard to a minimum individual recovery, not to exceed five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000); and
(c)  In the case of any successful action to enforce the foregoing liability, the costs of the action, together with a reasonable attorney’s fee as determined by the court. On a finding by the court that an action under this section was brought in bad faith and for the purpose of harassment, the court may award to the defendant attorney’s fees reasonable in relation to the work expended and costs.
(2)  In determining the amount of liability in any action under subsection (1) of this section, the court shall consider, among other relevant factors:
(a)  In an individual action, the frequency and persistence of noncompliance by the revenue officer, the nature of such noncompliance, and the extent to which such noncompliance was intentional; or
(b)  In any class action, the frequency and persistence of noncompliance by the revenue officer, the nature of such noncompliance, the number of persons adversely affected, and the extent to which the revenue officer’s noncompliance was intentional.
(3)  The commission may not be held liable in any action brought pursuant to this chapter if the commission shows by a preponderance of evidence that the violation was not intentional and resulted from a bona fide error notwithstanding the maintenance of procedures reasonably adapted to avoid any such error.
(4)  An action to enforce any liability created in this chapter may be brought in any court of competent jurisdiction within one (1) year from the date on which the violation occurs.
(5)  No provision of this section imposing any liability shall apply to any act done or omitted in good faith in conformity with any advisory opinion of the commission, notwithstanding that after such act or omission has occurred, such opinion is amended, rescinded, or determined by judicial or other authority to be invalid for any reason.
(6)  The entire amount of any judgment entered under this section shall be paid from the state refund account established in section 63-3067, Idaho Code.

[63-4011, added 1993, ch. 94, sec. 14, p. 243; am. 1994, ch. 172, sec. 13, p. 397.]

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