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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


63-602II.  Property exempt from taxation — Unused infrastructure. (1) It is the intent of this section to preserve infrastructure and encourage economic development in the limited circumstances when a business or other commercial entity ceases to operate on property within a county.
(2)  Following notice as prescribed in section 31-710, Idaho Code, and public hearings, the board of county commissioners of any county shall have the authority to exempt from taxation the unused infrastructure of a business, provided that the business states that such infrastructure is nonoperational under penalty of perjury.
(3)  The exemption shall be for a period of up to five (5) years, provided that the board of county commissioners may vote to extend the exemption for a period not exceeding five (5) additional years.
(4)  The board of county commissioners shall publish in its minutes any decision to grant or deny the exemption provided in this section and shall notify the county assessor and state tax commission of any exemption and the duration of such exemption. It shall be the responsibility of the assessor to return the property valuation of the unused infrastructure to the tax rolls upon the expiration of the exemption.
(5)  The exemption provided in this section shall not be granted for any portion of an operating public utility.
(6)  As used in this section, "unused infrastructure" means installed utilities including, but not limited to, rail, water, natural gas and electrical lines.

[(63-602II) 63-602HH, added 2005, ch. 279, sec. 1, p. 877; am. and redesig. 2006, ch. 16, sec. 25, p. 60.]

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