Idaho Statutes

63-705.  Publication of changes in income limitations and property tax reduction amounts. (1) The state tax commission shall publish adjustments to the income limitations, which shall be the greater of: (a) an individual’s income as defined in section 63-701, Idaho Code, of not more than twenty-eight thousand dollars ($28,000) per household for tax year 2006, and each tax year thereafter; or (b) one hundred eighty-five percent (185%) of the federal poverty guidelines for a household of two (2) for tax year 2006, and each tax year thereafter. The lowest limitation shall allow a maximum reduction of one thousand three hundred twenty dollars ($1,320) in tax year 2006 and thereafter, or actual property taxes, whichever is less. Each income limitation and reduction amount shall be prorated based on the basic maximum reduction, in practicable increments so that the highest income limitation will provide for a reduction of one hundred fifty dollars ($150), or actual property taxes, whichever is less.
(2)  The tax commission shall publish the adjustments required by this section each and every year the secretary of health and human services announces said cost-of-living modification. The adjustments shall be published no later than October 1 of each such year and shall be effective for claims filed in and for the following property tax year.
(3)  The publication of adjustments under this section shall be exempt from the provisions of chapter 52, title 67, Idaho Code, but shall be provided to each county and to members of the public upon request and without charge.

[63-705, added 1996, ch. 98, sec. 8, p. 365; am. 1997, ch. 117, sec. 27, p. 327; am. 1998, ch. 102, sec. 2, p. 351; am. 2006, ch. 350, sec. 1, p. 1065.]

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