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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


67-1021.  Authority to install accounting and reporting system for state. (1) The provisions of this section reserve to the state controller, in order to carry out the provisions and requirements of this section, the authority to establish funds in addition to those required by law or constitutional provisions.
(2)  The state controller shall have power to prescribe and install, to modify from time to time, and to enforce, an accurate and modern system of accounting and financial reporting for the state of Idaho, to cover and include all its financial transactions and all funds, accounts, and property owned by or held in trust or custody of the state, and to that end may take all proceedings and make all investigations necessary to procure the information for said purposes, and may also require the keeping of such books, records and accounts and the making of such reports as he may from time to time prescribe, in and by the office of the state controller, and all other state offices, departments, boards and institutions.
(3)  For the purpose of maintaining a uniform statewide accounting and reporting system, the state controller shall define and classify the various funds, accounts, grants and other financial structures. This system shall normally reflect generally accepted governmental accounting principles developed by the governmental accounting standards board or its successor.

[(67-1021) I.C. 67-1018, as added by 1941, ch. 27, sec. 1, p. 51; am. 1976, ch. 42, sec. 14, p. 99; am. 1991, ch. 51, sec. 2, p. 94; am. and redesig. 1994, ch. 181, sec. 15, p. 584.]

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