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67-2405.  Powers and duties of department heads. (1) Unless specifically provided otherwise, each department head shall:
(a)  Supervise, direct, account for, organize, plan, administer and execute the functions vested within the department as provided by law.
(b)  Establish policy to be followed by the department and its employees.
(c)  Compile and submit reports and budgets for the department as required by law.
(d)  Provide the governor with any information that he requests at any time on the operation of the department.
(e)  Represent the department in communications to the legislature and the governor.
(f)  Establish the internal organizational structure of the department and assign the functions of the department to subunits to promote economic and efficient administration and operation of the department. The internal structure of a department shall be established in accordance with section 67-2402(3), Idaho Code.
(g)  Subject to law, and the provisions of the state’s merit system, establish and make appointments to necessary subordinate positions, remove incompetent, ineffectual or unfit employees and abolish unnecessary positions.
(2)  Each department head has authority to:
(a)  Prescribe rules consistent with law for the administration of the department, the conduct of employees, the distribution and performance of business, and the custody, use and preservation of records, documents and property pertaining to the operation of the department. The constitutional officers shall prescribe their own rules.
(b)  Subject to law, and the state merit system where applicable, transfer employees between positions, remove persons appointed to positions, and change the duties, titles, and compensation of employees within the department.
(c)  Delegate any of the functions vested within the department head to subordinate employees, except the power to fix their compensation.
(d)  Require that any officer or employee of the department give an official bond, if the officer or employee of the department is not required to do so by law, in the amount to be determined by the director of the department of administration.

[67-2405, added I.C., sec. 67-2405, as added by 1974, ch. 40, sec. 5, p. 1072; am. 1993, ch. 235, sec. 1, p. 817.]

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