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67-2601A.  Division of building safety. (1) The division of building safety will be headed by an administrator appointed by and serving at the will of the governor. The division administrator, deputy administrators and regional managers shall be nonclassified employees exempt from the provisions of chapter 53, title 67, Idaho Code.
(2)  The administrator shall administer the following provisions and shall perform such additional duties as are imposed on him by law: chapter 41, title 39, Idaho Code, relating to the building code board; chapter 40, title 39, Idaho Code, relating to manufactured homes; chapter 43, title 39, Idaho Code, relating to factory built structures; chapter 21, title 44, Idaho Code, relating to manufactured home dealer and installer licensing; chapter 25, title 44, Idaho Code, relating to mobile home rehabilitation; chapter 10, title 54, Idaho Code, relating to electrical contractors and journeymen; chapter 19, title 54, Idaho Code, relating to licensing of public works contractors; chapter 26, title 54, Idaho Code, relating to plumbing and plumbers; chapter 45, title 54, Idaho Code, relating to public works construction management licensing; chapter 50, title 54, Idaho Code, relating to heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems; chapter 80, title 39, Idaho Code, relating to school building safety; chapter 58 [59], title 33, Idaho Code, relating to Idaho school safety and security; chapter 86, title 39, Idaho Code, relating to elevator safety; and chapter 22, title 55, Idaho Code, relating to underground facilities damage prevention.
(3)  The administrator shall also have the authority to perform safety inspections and safety training programs for logging operations in Idaho.
(a)  When an inspection reveals evidence of a condition that poses an immediate threat of serious bodily harm or loss of life to any person, the administrator may issue an order to immediately stop the work or close the facility or site where the threat exists. The safety order shall not be rescinded until after the threat has been corrected or removed.
(b)  The safety order may be enforced by the attorney general in a civil action brought in the district court for the county wherein the hazardous work site or facility is located.
(c)  Any person who knowingly fails or refuses to comply with such an order is guilty of a misdemeanor.
(d)  The administrator shall promulgate rules adopting minimum logging safety standards and procedures for conducting inspections and safety training.
(4)  In addition to safety inspections of state-owned public buildings conducted under chapter 23, title 67, Idaho Code, the administrator may conduct safety inspections of buildings owned or maintained by political subdivisions of the state upon receipt of a written request from the governing body of that political subdivision, subject to the availability of division resources and the requesting entity’s agreement to pay the division’s current fees for such an inspection.
(a)  The findings of the inspection shall be reported to the governing body of the political subdivision.
(b)  The administrator may promulgate rules adopting minimum safety standards and procedures for conducting such inspections, as well as fees for performing the same.
(c)  For purposes of this section, "political subdivision" means any governmental unit or special district of the state of Idaho other than public school districts.
(5)  In administering the laws regulating professions, trades and occupations that are devolved for administration upon the division, and in addition to the authority granted to the administrator by the laws and rules of the agencies and entities within the division, the administrator may:
(a)  Revise the operating structure of the division as needed to provide efficient and appropriate services to the various professions, trades, occupations and programs administered within the division;
(b)  Conduct examinations to ascertain the qualifications and fitness of applicants to exercise the profession, trade or occupation for which an examination is held; pass upon the qualifications of applicants for reciprocal licenses, certificates and authorities; prescribe rules for a fair and impartial method of examination of candidates to exercise the respective professions, trades or occupations; issue registrations, licenses and certificates; and until fees are established in rule, the administrator shall charge a fee of seventy-five dollars ($75.00) for each examination administered;
(c)  Conduct hearings on proceedings to discipline, renew or reinstate licenses, certificates or authorities of persons exercising the respective professions, trades or occupations; appoint hearing officers, administer oaths, issue subpoenas, and compel the attendance of witnesses; revoke, suspend, refuse to renew, or take other disciplinary action against such licenses, certifications or authorities; and prescribe rules to recover costs and fees incurred in the investigation and prosecution of any certificate holder, licensee or registrant of the division, its boards, bureaus and programs, in accordance with the contested case provisions of chapter 52, title 67, Idaho Code, and the laws and rules of the boards, bureaus and programs the division administers;
(d)  Assess civil penalties as authorized;
(e)  Promulgate rules establishing: a coordinated system for the issuance, renewal, cancellation and reinstatement of licenses, certificates, registrations and permits; assessment of all related fees; the terms by which fees may be prorated, if any; and procedures for the replacement of lost or destroyed licenses, certificates or registrations; and
(f)  Promulgate other rules as may be necessary for the orderly administration of the chapters specified in subsection (2) of this section, except for those related to underground facilities damage prevention contained in chapter 22, title 55, Idaho Code, and such rules as may otherwise be required by those chapters as well as rules for the standardization of operating procedures.
(6)  Notwithstanding any law governing any specific board, bureau or program comprising the division of building safety, each board member shall hold office until a successor has been duly appointed and qualified.
(7)  The administrator shall have the authority to employ individuals, make expenditures, enter into contracts, require reports, make investigations, travel, and take other actions deemed necessary.

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