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67-2803.  Exclusions. The procurement requirements established in this chapter shall not be applicable to:
(1)  The acquisition of personal property when the procurement duplicates the price and substance of a contract for like goods or services that has been competitively bid by the state of Idaho, one (1) of its political subdivisions, or an agency of the federal government;
(2)  Contracts or purchases where expenditures to procure public works construction are less than fifty thousand dollars ($50,000) or where expenditures to procure services or personal property are less than seventy-five thousand dollars ($75,000), provided such contracts or purchases shall be guided by the best interests of the political subdivision procuring the goods and services as determined by the governing board;
(3)  Disbursement of wages or compensation to any employee, official or agent of a political subdivision for the performance of personal services for the political subdivision;
(4)  Procurement of personal or professional services to be performed by an independent contractor for the political subdivision;
(5)  Procurement of an interest in real property;
(6)  Procurement of insurance;
(7)  Costs of participation in a joint powers agreement with other units of government;
(8)  Procurement of used personal property;
(9)  Procurement from federal government general services administration (GSA) schedules or federal multiple award schedules (MAS);
(10) Procurement of personal property or services through contracts entered into by the division of purchasing of the department of administration of the state of Idaho;
(11) Procurement of goods for direct resale;
(12) Procurement of travel and training;
(13) Procurement of goods and services from Idaho correctional industries;
(14) Procurement of repair for heavy equipment;
(15) Procurement of software maintenance, support and licenses of an existing system or platform that was bid in compliance with state law;
(16) Procurement of public utilities;
(17) Procurement of food for use in jails or detention facilities; or
(18) Procurement of used equipment at an auction if authorized by the governing board.

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