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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


67-3504.  Duties of administrator of the division. (1) It shall be the duty of the administrator of the division of financial management to make such further inquiries and investigations as to any item included in any report of expenditures and available funding sources or the estimate for the succeeding fiscal year which may be included in the report and estimates furnished by any department, office or institution, except those of the legislative and judicial departments. In making such investigation he shall be allowed his necessary expenses of travel and subsistence in visiting any institution or department in the state. He may employ additional resources whenever in his discretion it may be necessary to check the items of expenditure or the estimates submitted by any department, office or institution. The administrator of the division shall serve as a clearinghouse for information, data for multi-agency projects not including requests made by the legislative and judicial departments and shall have power to demand and it is hereby made the duty of every department, officer, board, commission, or institution receiving appropriations from the legislature to furnish upon demand any and all information so requested by the administrator of the division.
(2)  The administrator of the division, in addition to the duties hereinbefore set forth, shall perform such other duties as the governor as chief budget officer of the state may direct. He shall, as often as required by the governor, prepare and furnish reports as to the condition of any appropriations made by the legislature and shall investigate and report to the governor, when required, concerning available funding from all sources and expenditures made by any department, office or institution of the state. The administrator of the division, or his designated representative, shall also appear at all sessions of the standing committees of the house of representatives and of the senate in charge of appropriations and shall furnish to such committees any information required while said committees are considering the budget.

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