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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


67-5708A.  State facilities management — Comparative lease cost analysis and accountability. (1) The director of the department of administration shall establish a program to identify and maintain a current inventory of all leases of facilities used in any manner for the conduct of functions of state government now or hereafter entered into by any state department, agency or institution. Not later than January 1, 1999, all departments, agencies and institutions shall submit copies of all leases of facilities to the director. The submitted inventory shall record the essential terms of the leases, including the rental rate, term of the lease, description of the facilities, the size of the facilities, and the governmental use of the facilities.
(2)  The director of the department of administration shall establish a program for evaluation of all leases of facilities in effect on or to be entered into after January 1, 1999. No department, agency or institution may enter into or renew any lease of facilities after January 1, 1999, until a comprehensive analysis is performed by that department, agency or institution in accord with standards and criteria established by the director of the department of administration. The comprehensive analysis shall address, at a minimum, an evaluation of the need for facilities, space utilization efficiency, long-term needs and objectives, and viable alternatives to meet facility needs, including acquiring facilities with appropriated funds and leasing facilities through the state building authority. Departments, agencies and institutions shall consult with the director when performing the comprehensive analysis and, with the director’s assistance, shall select the alternative that best serves long-term needs and objectives and that provides suitable facilities at the lowest responsible cost to the taxpayer measured over the time the facilities are expected to be needed, or forty (40) years, whichever is less. Departments, agencies and institutions shall include a summary of the comprehensive analysis annually in their budget requests to the governor and the legislature, and shall include in that summary, where appropriate, the time necessary to implement their selection.
For purposes of this section, consideration of the "lowest responsible cost," shall take into account the estimated residual asset value of facilities acquired with appropriated funds, or acquired through the state building authority or other lease-purchase arrangements and the use of public lands, wherever practicable, that are owned or can be timely acquired by the state.

[67-5708A, added 1998, ch. 149, sec. 2, p. 520.]

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