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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


67-5710B.  Definitions. As used in this chapter:
(1)  "Preventive maintenance" means:
(a)  Corrective repairs or replacements used for existing state-owned, or state operated facilities, which result from a systematic program in which wear, tear, and change are anticipated and continuous corrective actions are required to be taken to ensure peak efficiency and to minimize deterioration. It includes systematic inspection, adjustment, lubrication, replacement of components, as well as performance testing and analysis; and
(b)  Repairs and replacements with an estimated useful life of less than five (5) years; and
(c)  Repairs and replacements which are funded in the state agency’s operating budget; and
(d)  Repairs and replacements which can be accomplished by the agency’s existing physical plant staff; and
(e)  Repairs and replacements which do not require the services of architects, engineers, and other professionally licensed consultants to investigate conditions, prepare recommendations for corrective action, prepare plans and specifications, and supervise the execution of corrective projects.
(2)  "Public works" mean:
(a)  Any new building, alteration, repair, demolition or improvement of any land, building, structure including utilities, or remodeling or renovation of existing buildings, or other physical facilities, to make physical changes necessitated by changes in the program, to meet standards required by applicable codes, to correct other conditions hazardous to health and safety of persons which are not covered by codes, or to effect a permanent improvement to the facility for any reason including aesthetics or appearance;
(b)  Site improvement or developments which constitute permanent improvements to real property;
(c)  Purchase and installation of fixed equipment necessary for the operation of new, remodeled, or renovated buildings and other physical facilities for the conduct of programs initially housed therein to include any equipment that is made a permanent fixture of the building; and
(d)  Purchase of the services of architects, engineers, and other consultants to prepare plans, program documents, life cycle cost studies, energy analysis, and other studies associated with any new building, alteration, repair, demolition or improvement and to supervise the construction or execution of such projects.

[67-5710B, added 1991, ch. 133, sec. 1, p. 293.]

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