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67-6207D.  Periodic examination of income of persons residing in housing projects. (a) The association shall, by rules, provide for the periodic examination of the income of any person or family residing in and renting a dwelling unit in any rental housing project, assisted by virtue of the powers granted the association under this act. In the event that the gross aggregate income of such persons or families residing in any such housing project increases and the ratio to the current rental or carrying charges of the dwelling unit becomes greater than the ratio prescribed for admission by the association for admission to the project, the owner or managing agent of such housing project shall permit such persons to continue to occupy the unit.
(b)  The association or the housing sponsor (with the approval of the association) of any such rental housing project, may terminate the tenancy or interest of any such person or family residing in such housing project whose gross aggregate income exceeds amounts prescribed by rule of the association and which continues to exceed the same for a period of six (6) months or more; provided, that no tenancy or interest of any such person in any such housing project shall be terminated except upon reasonable notice and opportunity to obtain suitable alternate housing, in accordance with rules of the association; provided further, that any such person, with the approval of the association, shall be permitted to continue to occupy the unit, subject to payment of rent or carrying charges or a surcharge to the housing sponsor in accordance with a schedule of surcharges fixed by the association.
(c)  Any person residing in a housing project who has acquired equity in such housing project, including equity in a housing project which is a cooperative, and is required to be removed from the housing project because of excessive income as herein provided, shall be discharged from liability on any note, bond, or other evidence of indebtedness relating thereto and shall be reimbursed, in accordance with the rules of the association, for all sums paid by such person to the housing sponsor on account of the purchase of stock or debentures as a condition of occupancy or on account of the acquisition of title for such purpose.

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