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67-6509A.  Siting of manufactured homes in residential areas — Plan to be amended. (1) By resolution or ordinance adopted, amended or repealed in accordance with the notice and hearing procedures provided under section 67-6509, Idaho Code, each governing board shall amend its comprehensive plan and land use regulations for all land zoned for single-family residential uses, except for lands falling within an area defined as a historic district under section 67-4607, Idaho Code, to allow for siting of manufactured homes as defined in section 39-4105, Idaho Code.
(2)  Manufactured homes on individual lots zoned for single-family residential uses as provided in subsection (1) of this section shall be in addition to manufactured homes on lots within designated mobile home parks or manufactured home subdivisions.
(3)  This section shall not be construed as abrogating a recorded restrictive covenant.
(4)  A governing board may adopt any or all of the following placement standards, or any less restrictive standards, for the approval of manufactured homes located outside mobile home parks:
(a)  The manufactured home shall be multisectional and enclose a space of not less than one thousand (1,000) square feet;
(b)  The manufactured home shall be placed on an excavated and backfilled foundation and enclosed at the perimeter such that the home is located not more than twelve (12) inches above grade, except when placed on a basement foundation;
(c)  The manufactured home shall have a pitched roof, except that no standards shall require a slope of greater than a nominal three (3) feet in height for each twelve (12) feet in width;
(d)  The manufactured home shall have exterior siding and roofing which in color, material and appearance is similar to the exterior siding and roofing material commonly used on residential dwellings within the community or which is comparable to the predominant materials used on surrounding dwellings as determined by the local permit approval authority;
(e)  The manufactured home shall have a garage or carport constructed of like materials if zoning ordinances would require a newly constructed nonmanufactured home to have a garage or carport;
(f)  In addition to the provisions of paragraphs (a) through (e) of this subsection, a city or county may subject a manufactured home and the lot upon which it is sited to any development standard, architectural requirement and minimum size requirements to which a conventional single-family residential dwelling on the same lot would be subjected.
(5)  Any approval standards, special conditions and the procedures for approval adopted by a local government shall be clear and objective and shall not have the effect, either in themselves or cumulatively, of discouraging needed housing through unreasonable cost or delay.

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