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67-6510.  Mediation — Time limitations tolled. (1) The procedure established for the processing of applications by this chapter or by local ordinance shall include the option of mediation upon the written request of the applicant, an affected person, the zoning or planning and zoning commission or the governing board. Mediation may occur at any point during the decision-making process or after a final decision has been made. If mediation occurs after a final decision, any resolution of differences through mediation must be the subject of another public hearing before the decision-making body.
(2)  The applicant and any other affected persons objecting to the application shall participate in at least one (1) mediation session if mediation is requested by the commission or the governing board. The governing board shall select and pay the expense of the mediator for the first meeting among the interested parties. Compensation of the mediator shall be determined among the parties at the outset of any mediation undertaking. An applicant may decline to participate in mediation requested by an affected person, and an affected person may decline to participate in mediation requested by the applicant, except that the parties shall participate in at least one (1) mediation session if directed to do so by the governing board.
(3)  During mediation, any time limitation relevant to the application shall be tolled. Such tolling shall cease when the applicant or any other affected person, after having participated in at least one (1) mediation session, states in writing that no further participation is desired and notifies the other parties, or upon notice of a request to mediate wherein no mediation session is scheduled for twenty-eight (28) days from the date of such request.
(4)  The mediation process may be undertaken pursuant to the general limitations established by this section or pursuant to local ordinance provisions not in conflict herewith.
(5)  The mediation process shall not be part of the official record regarding the application.

[67-6510, added 2000, ch. 199, sec. 2, p. 491.]

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