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67-6521.  Actions by affected persons. 
(1)  (a) As used herein, an affected person shall mean one having a bona fide interest in real property which may be adversely affected by:
(i)   The approval, denial or failure to act upon an application for a subdivision, variance, special use permit and such other similar applications required or authorized pursuant to this chapter;
(ii)  The approval of an ordinance first establishing a zoning district upon annexation or the approval or denial of an application to change the zoning district applicable to specific parcels or sites pursuant to section 67-6511, Idaho Code; or
(iii) An approval or denial of an application for conditional rezoning pursuant to section 67-6511A, Idaho Code.
(b)  Any affected person may at any time prior to final action on an application required or authorized under this chapter, if no hearing has been held on the application, petition the commission or governing board in writing to hold a hearing pursuant to section 67-6512, Idaho Code; provided however, that if twenty (20) affected persons petition for a hearing, the hearing shall be held.
(c)  After a hearing, the commission or governing board may:
(i)  Grant or deny an application; or
(ii) Delay such a decision for a definite period of time for further study or hearing. Each commission or governing board shall establish by ordinance or resolution a time period within which a recommendation or decision must be made.
(d)  Every final decision rendered shall provide or be accompanied by notice to the applicant regarding the applicant’s right to request a regulatory taking analysis pursuant to section 67-8003, Idaho Code. An affected person aggrieved by a final decision concerning matters identified in section 67-6521(1)(a), Idaho Code, may within twenty-eight (28) days after all remedies have been exhausted under local ordinances seek judicial review as provided by chapter 52, title 67, Idaho Code.
(2) (a)  Authority to exercise the regulatory power of zoning in land use planning shall not simultaneously displace coexisting eminent domain authority granted under section 14, article I, of the constitution of the state of Idaho and chapter 7, title 7, Idaho Code.
(b)  An affected person claiming "just compensation" for a perceived "taking," the basis of the claim being that a final action restricting private property development is actually a regulatory action by local government deemed "necessary to complete the development of the material resources of the state," or necessary for other public uses, may seek a judicial determination of whether the claim comes within defined provisions of section 14, article I, of the constitution of the state of Idaho relating to eminent domain. Under these circumstances, the affected person is exempt from the provisions of subsection (1) of this section and may seek judicial review through an inverse condemnation action specifying neglect by local government to provide "just compensation" under the provisions of section 14, article I, of the constitution of the state of Idaho and chapter 7, title 7, Idaho Code.

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