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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


67-6619.  Reporting by lobbyists. (1) Any lobbyist registered under section 67-6617, Idaho Code, shall file with the secretary of state an annual report of his lobbying activities signed by the lobbyist. The reports shall be made in the form and manner prescribed by the secretary of state and shall be filed on January 31 of each year. In addition to the annual report, while the legislature is in session, every registered lobbyist shall file interim monthly periodic reports for each month or portion thereof that the legislature is in session, which shall be filed within fifteen (15) days of the first day of the month for the activities of the month just past, provided however, that any lobbyist covered under this chapter whose lobbying activities are confined only to executive officials shall be required to file interim periodic reports semiannually on January 31 and July 31.
(2)  Once a lobbyist has filed an annual or semiannual report, each person identified as an employer, client, or designated contact on the report will be electronically notified that the report has been filed by the lobbyist, using the contact information provided for the employer, client, or designated contact upon registration.
(3)  Each annual, semiannual and monthly periodic report shall contain:
(a)  The total of all expenditures made or incurred on behalf of such lobbyist by the lobbyist’s employer, employers, client, or clients, not including payments made directly to the lobbyist, during the period covered by the report. The totals shall be segregated according to financial category including, but not limited to: entertainment, food and refreshment, honoraria, travel, lodging, advertising and other like expenditures. Reimbursed personal living and travel expenses of a lobbyist made or incurred directly or indirectly for any lobbying purpose need not be reported.
(b)  The name of any legislator or executive official to whom or for whose benefit on any one (1) occasion an expenditure in excess of one hundred dollars ($100) per person for the purpose of lobbying, is made or incurred and the date, name of payee, purpose and amount of such expenditure. Expenditures for the benefit of the members of the household of a legislator or executive official shall also be itemized if such expenditure exceeds the amount listed in this subsection.
(c)  In the case of a lobbyist employed by or contracted with more than one (1) employer or client, the proportionate amount of such expenditures in each category made or incurred on behalf of each of his employers or clients.
(d)  The subject matter of proposed legislation and the number of each senate or house bill, resolution, memorial or other legislative activity or any rule, ratemaking decision, procurement, contract, bid or bid process, financial services agreement or bond in which the lobbyist has been engaged in supporting or opposing during the reporting period; provided that in the case of appropriations bills, the lobbyist shall enumerate the specific section or sections which he supported or opposed.
(e)  The itemization threshold in subsection (3)(b) of this section shall be adjusted biennially by directive of the secretary of state, using consumer price index data compiled by the United States department of labor.
(4)  Reports required to be filed under the provisions of this section shall be filed online with the secretary of state, except as provided in section 67-6623, Idaho Code, by no later than midnight on the date the filing is due.

[67-6619, added 2008, ch. 306, sec. 3, p. 850; am. 2010, ch. 22, sec. 2, p. 39; am. 2019, ch. 290, sec. 5, p. 855.]

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