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67-7008A.  Additional fees — deposit into invasive species fund.  (1) In addition to any other moneys or fees collected pursuant to the provisions of section 67-7008, Idaho Code, or any other provision of chapter 70, title 67, Idaho Code, all vessels shall pay an additional fee each calendar year as follows:
(a)  Motorized vessels and sailboats:
(i)   Ten dollars ($10.00) per vessel numbered in the state of Idaho prior to launch into the public waters of the state;
(ii)  Thirty dollars ($30.00) per vessel documented through the United States coast guard or registered or numbered outside the state of Idaho prior to launch into the public waters of the state.
(b)  Nonmotorized vessels: Seven dollars ($7.00) per vessel prior to launch into the public waters of the state.
(c)  Licensed outfitters, as defined in section 36-2102(b), Idaho Code, with nonmotorized fleets exceeding five (5) vessels shall be afforded a prorated group rate of thirty-two dollars ($32.00) for six (6) to ten (10) vessels; fifty-seven dollars ($57.00) for eleven (11) to twenty (20) vessels; and one hundred two dollars ($102) for twenty-one (21) or more vessels up to a maximum of one hundred (100) vessels. The fee for any additional vessels shall be one dollar ($1.00) per vessel. The licensed outfitter group rates shall also be available for groups exempt from licensing pursuant to section 36-2103, Idaho Code.
(2)  Upon payment of the fee as provided in this section, the payor shall be issued a protection against invasive species sticker that shall be displayed on the vessel in a manner as prescribed by the rules of the department. Stickers shall be considered in full force and effect through December 31 of the year of issue.
(3)  Fees shall be collected by the department or authorized vendor.
(a)  Vendors may retain one dollar and fifty cents ($1.50) of fees collected pursuant to this section except those collected pursuant to subsection (1)(a)(i) of this section.
(b)  The department shall retain up to twenty percent (20%) of the fees for the actual costs of administering the sticker program.
(c)  All remaining fees collected pursuant to this section shall be deposited in the invasive species fund established in section 22-1911, Idaho Code.
(d)  For the purpose of this section, "vessel" is defined in section 67-7003, Idaho Code. All vessels are subject to the provisions of this section, with the exception of small rafts and other inflatable vessels less than ten (10) feet in length.
(4)  If the protection against invasive species sticker is lost, stolen or destroyed, any sticker remnants shall be returned to the department along with a three dollar ($3.00) fee for a duplicate sticker.
(5)  A person engaged in the manufacture or sale of vessels may obtain a sticker to be used in the testing or demonstration only of vessels by temporary placement of the protection against invasive species sticker on the vessel tested or demonstrated.

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