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67-7716.  Electronic bingo device and site systems — Approval required. (1) Electronic bingo devices and site system software shall be sold, rented, leased or otherwise provided in this state only by a licensed manufacturer. Licensed manufacturers shall sell, rent, lease or otherwise provide such equipment only to a licensed distributor. A copy of any contractual agreement between a licensed manufacturer and a licensed distributor relative to the marketing of the manufacturer’s equipment in this state, shall be provided to the commission.
(2)  No electronic bingo device or site system software may be sold, rented, leased or otherwise provided to any person in this state for use in a bingo game conducted pursuant to this chapter unless and until such device and system software have been approved by the commission. Approval of the device or site system software will be based upon conformance with the requirements contained in this chapter and rules established by the commission for the testing and review of these types of devices and systems.
(3)  A licensed manufacturer seeking approval of an electronic bingo device or site system software may be required to submit a prototype of the device or system software for testing and review, at the expense of the manufacturer, as required by the commission. Once approved, any hardware or software modifications must be preapproved by the commission. A licensed manufacturer shall be responsible for the actual costs of testing and examining bingo card monitoring devices, host systems and site system hardware.

[67-7716, added 2005, ch. 259, sec. 3, p. 799.]

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