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67-7718.  Licensed distributor requirements and duties. (1) A licensed distributor shall purchase, rent, lease or otherwise obtain electronic bingo devices and site system software only from a manufacturer licensed by the commission. A licensed distributor shall sell, rent, lease or otherwise provide, only electronic bingo devices and site system software that have been approved by the commission.
(2)  A licensed distributor shall sell, rent, lease or otherwise provide electronic bingo devices and site system software in this state only to an organization holding a charitable gaming bingo license.
(3)  Before the initial use by the licensed organization, the licensed distributor must notify the commission in writing of the sale, rental, lease, provision, and/or installation of any electronic bingo devices or site system software. Such notification shall include:
(a)  The complete name and address of the licensed organization and its license number;
(b)  The type of equipment, including serial numbers, sold, rented, leased, provided or installed;
(c)  The expected start-up date for use of the equipment by the licensed organization; and
(d)  A copy of any agreement between the licensed distributor and the organization for the use of the equipment.
(4)  The licensed distributor shall serve as the initial contact for the licensed organization with respect to requests for installation, service, maintenance, or repair of electronic bingo devices and site systems, and for the ordering of electronic bingo cards, if applicable. The distributor may, as needed, enlist the aid of the licensed manufacturer in providing service, repair or maintenance of the devices or site system. A licensed manufacturer may, with commission approval, authorize or subcontract with a person or company to service, maintain or repair bingo card monitoring devices and/or site systems; however, the ultimate liability for such service, maintenance or repair shall be solely that of the licensed manufacturer.
(5)  The licensed distributor shall invoice the licensed organization and collect any and all payments for the sale, rental, lease or other use of the electronic bingo cards, bingo card monitoring devices and site systems. The distributor may, at its discretion, allow the licensed manufacturer to generate the invoice; however, all payments by the licensed organization must be remitted directly to the distributor. The licensed distributor must ensure that its name, complete address, and telephone number appear on the invoice as well as the name, complete address and license number of the licensed organization.
(6)  Electronic bingo devices may be transported by a licensed distributor from one (1) location to another for use by more than one (1) licensed organization provided the distributor notifies the commission of the rotation schedule of the devices. However, each licensed organization utilizing a site system must have its own site system, which cannot be moved from its bingo location or be used by another organization without prior approval from the commission.

[67-7718, added 2005, ch. 259, sec. 5, p. 801.]

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