Idaho Statutes

7-1303.  Definitions. Except where the context otherwise requires, the definitions in this section govern the construction of the judicial confirmation law. All other words should be given their ordinary and customary meaning.
(1)  "Agreement" means any agreement or contract between a political subdivision and individuals, corporations, or any other political subdivision or public agency as authorized by section 67-2328, Idaho Code, relating to bonds or obligations of the political subdivision.
(2)  "Bond" means any agreement, which may or may not be represented by a physical instrument, including notes, warrants, or certificates of indebtedness, that evidences an indebtedness of any political subdivision or a fund thereof, where the political subdivision agrees to pay a specified amount of money, with or without interest, at a designated time or times to either registered owners or bearers.
(3)  "Executive officer" means the de jure or de facto governor of this state, mayor, chairman, president or other titular head or chief official of the political subdivision proceeding under this chapter, but "executive officer" does not include a city manager, county manager or other chief administrator of a political subdivision who is not its elected head.
(4)  "Governing body" means:
(a)  The state commission or state board responsible for the exercise of a power by the state or responsible for an instrument, act or project of the state to which court proceedings authorized by this chapter and initiated by the state pertain; and
(b)  The city council, board of commissioners, board of trustees, board of directors, board of regents or other legislative body of a political subdivision under this chapter.
Governing body does not include the legislature of the state of Idaho if the political subdivision is the state or any corporation, instrumentality or other agency thereof.
(5)  "Obligation" means an agreement that evidences an indebtedness of any political subdivision, other than a bond, and includes, but is not limited to, conditional sales contracts, lease obligations, and promissory notes.
(6)  "Political subdivision" means the state of Idaho, or any corporation, instrumentality or other agency thereof, or any incorporated city, or any county, school district, water and/or sewer district, drainage district, special purpose district or other corporate district constituting a political subdivision of this state, any quasi-municipal corporation, housing authority, urban renewal authority, other type of authority, any college or university, or any other body corporate and politic of the state of Idaho, but excluding the federal government.
(7)  "Security instrument" means any contract, deed or other security or other document of any kind, proposed, or executed or otherwise made as security for bonds or obligations issued by a political subdivision.

[7-1303, added 1988, ch. 219, sec. 1, p. 415.]

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