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7-1410A.  family law temporary restricted license. (1) This section applies to a licensee whose driver’s license would otherwise be valid if not for a family law license suspension ordered by a court, licensing authority, or the department pursuant to section 7-1410, Idaho Code. Following an order of suspension pursuant to section 7-1410, Idaho Code, such licensee may petition the court for an order stating that a licensing authority issue a temporary restricted driver’s license if such person shows good cause as to why such a license should be issued.
(2)  For purposes of this section, a licensee may demonstrate good cause by showing that a temporary restricted driver’s license is necessary for the licensee’s employment purposes in order to meet child support obligations.
(3)   A temporary restricted license shall specify the restrictions as to certain times, days, and areas of use and any further restrictions as the court, in its discretion, may impose.
(4)  A temporary restricted license shall be revoked if a licensee holding such license is found to be in violation of the restrictions imposed upon such temporary restricted license.
(5)  An order issuing a temporary restricted license by the court shall also state that the temporary restricted licensee is subject to the penalties of the licensing authority if the restrictions of the license are violated.
(6)  An order issuing a temporary restricted license by a court shall be forwarded to the appropriate licensing authority.

[7-1410A, added 2021, ch. 93, sec. 1, p. 323.]

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