Idaho Statutes

70-2206.  General powers of a county-based or city-based intermodal commerce authority. An intermodal authority shall have the powers provided to it by a local county or city governing body including:
(1)  Have perpetual succession unless abolished as provided in this chapter;
(2)  Sue and be sued;
(3)  Have a seal;
(4)  Execute contracts and other instruments and take other action that may be necessary or convenient to carry out the purposes of this chapter;
(5)  Plan, establish, acquire, develop, construct, purchase, enlarge, improve, modify, maintain, equip, operate, regulate and protect transportation, storage, or other facilities or other personal property necessary or convenient to carry out the purposes of this chapter;
(6)  Acquire any land or interest in land. All land and other property and privileges acquired and used by or on behalf of any intermodal authority must be used for intermodal authority purposes. The property of an intermodal authority acquired or held for the purposes of this chapter is declared to be public property used for essential public and governmental purposes and, effective the date an intermodal authority acquires title to such property, it shall be exempt from all taxes of the municipality, the county, the state or any political subdivision thereof; provided, that such tax exemption shall terminate when the authority sells or otherwise disposes of such property for development to a purchaser that is not a public body entitled to tax exemption with respect to such property. As specified in this chapter, a port authority may pledge, lease, sell, or mortgage all or any part of its facilities to secure bonds or for other financing purposes;
(7)  Recommend to the county or city that created it, comprehensive county or city intermodal commerce authority zoning regulations in accordance with the laws of this state and the county or city governing body; and
(8)  Provide financial and other support to corporations or other business entities or organizations under the provisions of Idaho law, whose purpose is to promote, stimulate, develop and advance the economic development and prosperity of its jurisdiction and of the state and its citizens by stimulating, assisting in, and supporting the growth of all kinds of economic activity, including the creation, expansion, modernization, retention, and relocation of new and existing businesses and industry in the state, all of which will tend to promote business development, maintain the economic stability and prosperity of the state, and thus provide maximum opportunities for employment and improvement in the standards of living of citizens of the state.

[70-2206, added 2004, ch. 353, sec. 1, p. 1054; am. 2006, ch. 75, sec. 4, p. 230; am. 2011, ch. 37, sec. 7, p. 89.]

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