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70-2211.  Bonds and obligations. (1) An intermodal authority may borrow money for any of its lawful purposes and shall have the power to issue bonds from time to time in its discretion to finance the undertaking of any project or purpose under this chapter. Bonds shall be payable out of any revenue of the intermodal authority, including revenue derived from:
(a)  Any transportation, storage or other facility;
(b)  Grants or appropriations from federal, state or local governments; or
(c)  Other sources.
(2)  The bonds may be issued by resolution of the intermodal authority without any limitation of amount, except that bonds may not be issued at any time if the total amount of principal and interest to become due in any year on the bonds and on any then outstanding bonds for which revenue from the same source is pledged exceeds the amount of revenue to be received in that year, as estimated in the intermodal authority order authorizing the issuance of the bonds. The intermodal authority shall take all action necessary and possible to impose, maintain, and collect rates, charges and rentals sufficient to make the revenue from the pledged source in such year at least equal to the amount of principal and interest due in that year.
(3)  The bonds may be sold at public or private sale and shall bear interest at such rate or rates as the issuing intermodal authority respectively shall determine. Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, any bonds issued pursuant to this chapter by an intermodal authority shall be payable as to principal and interest solely from revenue of the intermodal authority or from particular transportation, storage or other facilities of the intermodal authority. The bonds must state on their face the applicable limitations or restrictions regarding the source from which principal and interest are payable. In no circumstance shall the bonds be payable with a property tax.
(4)  Bonds issued by an intermodal authority pursuant to the provisions of this chapter are declared to be issued for an essential public and governmental purpose and together with interest thereon and income therefrom, shall be exempted from all state and local taxes.
(5)  For the security of bonds, the intermodal authority may by resolution make and enter into any covenant, agreement or indenture and may exercise any additional powers authorized by a county or city. The sums required from time to time to pay principal and interest and to create and maintain a reserve for the bonds may be paid from any revenue referred to in this chapter, prior to the payment of current costs of operation and maintenance of the facilities. As further security for the bonds, the intermodal authority, with the approval of the governing body of the county or city that created the authority, may pledge, lease, sell, mortgage, or grant a security interest in all or any portion of its intermodal authority, transportation, storage or other facilities, whether or not the facilities are financed by the bonds. The instrument effecting the pledge, lease, sale, mortgage, or security interest may contain any agreements and provisions customarily contained in instruments securing bonds, as the commissioners of the intermodal authority consider advisable. The provisions must be consistent with this chapter and are subject to and must be in accordance with the laws of this state governing mortgages, trust indentures, security agreements, or instruments. The instrument may provide that in the event of a default in the payment of principal or interest on the bonds or in the performance of any agreement contained in the proceedings authorizing the bonds or instrument, the payment or performance may be enforced by the appointment of a receiver in equity. The receiver may collect charges, rents or fees and may apply the revenue from the mortgaged property or collateral in accordance with the provisions of the instrument.
(6)  Nothing in this section may be construed to limit the use of intermodal authority revenue, including federal, state and local money to make grants and loans or to otherwise provide financial and other support to a private intermodal authority, including corporations and business entities operating under the provisions of Idaho law. The credit of the state, county or municipal governments or their agencies or authorities may not be pledged to provide financial support to the intermodal authority.

[70-2211, added 2004, ch. 353, sec. 1, p. 1056; am. 2006, ch. 75, sec. 6, p. 232; am. 2011, ch. 37, sec. 9, p. 90.]

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