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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


72-1347.  Employment security administration fund. (1) There is established in the state treasury the "Employment Security Administration Fund." All moneys deposited in said fund are perpetually appropriated to the director. Expenditures from the fund shall be in accordance with this chapter on the approval of the director and shall not require approval by the board of examiners, and shall not lapse at any time or be transferred to any other fund, except that the director may establish a revolving fund for the purpose of paying current cash items in connection with administrative expenses. All moneys in this fund which are received from the federal government shall be expended solely for the purposes and in the amounts found necessary by the secretary, United States department of labor, for the proper and efficient administration of this chapter. The fund shall consist of all moneys appropriated by this state to this fund, all moneys received from the United States for this fund, all moneys received from any other source for such purpose, and any moneys received from the United States or any other state as compensation for services or facilities supplied to such agency, any amounts received pursuant to any surety bond or insurance policy or from other sources for losses sustained by the fund or by reason of damage to equipment or supplies purchased from moneys in such fund, and any proceeds realized from the sale or disposition of any such equipment or supplies. Such moneys shall be secured by the depository in which they are held as required by the general depository law of the state, chapter 1, title 57, Idaho Code, and collateral pledged shall be maintained in a separate custody account. The state treasurer shall be liable on his official bond for the faithful performance of his duties in connection with the fund.
(2)  Reimbursement of fund. If any moneys received from the United States department of labor under title III of the social security act, are found by the United States department of labor to have been lost or expended for purposes other than, or in amounts in excess of, those found necessary by the United States department of labor for the proper administration of this chapter, such moneys shall be replaced by moneys in the state employment security administrative and reimbursement fund as provided in section 72-1348, Idaho Code, but if the moneys therein are insufficient, the balance shall be replaced by moneys in the department of labor special administration fund, section 72-1347A(3), Idaho Code.

[72-1347, added 1947, ch. 269, sec. 47, p. 793; am. 1949, ch. 144, sec. 47, p. 252; am. 1976, ch. 141, sec. 3, p. 518; am. 1998, ch. 1, sec. 58, p. 37.]

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