Idaho Statutes

72-412.  Periods of income benefits for death. The income benefits for death herein provided for shall be payable during the following periods:
(1)  To a widow or widower, until death or remarriage, but in no case to exceed five hundred (500) weeks.
(2)  Unless as otherwise provided in subsection (3) of this section, to or for a child, until eighteen (18) years of age, and if incapable of self-support after age eighteen (18) years for an additional period not to exceed five hundred (500) weeks, deducting the period benefits which were paid prior to eighteen (18) years of age. Provided, income benefits payable to or for any child shall cease when such child marries.
(3)  To or for a child after age eighteen (18) years who is enrolled as a full-time student in any accredited educational institution, or accredited vocational training program, until such child ceases to be so enrolled or reaches the age of twenty-three (23) years, whichever occurs first. Provided, in the event the child reaches the age of twenty-three (23) years during the quarter or semester in which the child is enrolled, benefits shall continue until the completion of the quarter or semester in which the child reached the age of twenty-three (23) years. This extension of benefits to the age of twenty-three (23) years shall not apply if the accident causing the injury or manifestation of the occupational disease occurred prior to December 31, 2006.
(4)  To a parent or grandparent, during the continuation of a condition of actual dependency, but in no case to exceed five hundred (500) weeks.
(5)  To or for a grandchild, brother or sister, during dependency as hereinbefore defined, but in no case to exceed five hundred (500) weeks.
(6)  In case death occurs after a period of disability, either total or partial, the period of disability shall be deducted from the total periods of compensation respectively stated in this section.

[72-412, added 1971, ch. 124, sec. 3, p. 422; am. 1981, ch. 261, sec. 4, p. 555; am. 2002, ch. 129, sec. 1, p. 359; am. 2006, ch. 186, sec. 2, p. 587.]

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