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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


73-206.  Number of sets — Sale price. The contract shall require the publishing company to deliver, on or before such date as may be fixed by the commission, such number of sets of bound volumes and/or pocket parts of the compilation for use of the state of Idaho and its public agencies as may be determined by the board of examiners, at the price stated in the contract. The publishing company shall receive payment upon approval of such compilation as hereinafter provided and delivery of the sets thereof f.o.b. Boise, Idaho, and such other places in Idaho designated by the secretary of state of Idaho. If the publishing company cannot make delivery on the date fixed in the contract because of conditions beyond its control and shall satisfy the commission to this effect, the commission may, but it is not required to, extend the date of delivery for a period by it deemed reasonable. The publishing company shall agree in the contract to cause to be made available on the market through an agent, resident in Idaho, a sufficient number of sets of the compilation to supply the demand therefor within the state of Idaho, at the price fixed in the contract.

[73-206, added 1949, ch. 167, sec. 6, p. 355; am. 1977, ch. 232, sec. 6, p. 690; am. 1979, ch. 157, sec. 1, p. 477.]

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