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     Idaho Statutes

Idaho Statutes are updated to the website July 1 following the legislative session.


74-113.  Access to records about a person by a person. (1) A person may inspect and copy the records of a public agency pertaining to that person, even if the record is otherwise exempt from public disclosure.
(2)  A person may request in writing an amendment of any record pertaining to that person. Within ten (10) days of the receipt of the request, the public agency shall either:
(a)  Make any correction of any portion of the record which the person establishes is not accurate, relevant, or complete; or
(b)  Inform the person in writing of the refusal to amend in accordance with the request and the reasons for the refusal, and indicate clearly the person’s right to appeal the refusal and the time period for doing so. The procedures for appealing a refusal to amend shall be the same as those set forth in sections 74-115 and 74-116, Idaho Code, and the court may award reasonable costs and attorney’s fees to the prevailing party or parties, if it finds that the request for amendment or refusal to amend was frivolously pursued.
(3)  The right to inspect and amend records pertaining to oneself does not include the right to review:
(a)  Otherwise exempt investigatory records of a public agency if the investigation is ongoing;
(b)  Information that is compiled in reasonable anticipation of a civil action or proceeding which is not otherwise discoverable;
(c)  The information relates to adoption records;
(d)  Information which is otherwise exempt from disclosure by statute or court rule;
(e)  Records of a prisoner maintained by the state or local agency having custody of the prisoner or formerly having custody of the prisoner or by the commission of pardons and parole.

[74-113, added 2015, ch. 140, sec. 5, p. 361; am. 2022, ch. 306, sec. 7, p. 986.]

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