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9-328.  Photographic or digital retention of records — Disposition of originals. Any state officer may receive or retain documents filed or recorded in his office on media other than paper, provided that the media comply with the standards set forth in this section. The originals of paper documents may be disposed of in accordance with the provisions of this section.
(1)  A state officer may receive, file or record documents in his office in paper form. When permitted by law or administrative rule, a state officer may alternatively receive, file or record documents which are transmitted on other media or by electronic means, provided that the medium or means of transmittal is secure against undetected additions, deletions or alterations of documents during transmittal. Such media and electronic means include, but are not limited to, facsimile transmissions (FAX), magnetic tape or disk, photographic film, optical disk and an electronically transmitted data stream.
(2)  A state officer may retain a document in a different form or medium from that in which it is received, provided that the form or medium in which the document is retained results in a permanent record which may be accurately reproduced during the period for which the document must be retained.
(3)  If a document is received in paper form or as an image of a paper document, e.g. film, FAX or other digitized image, it must be retained in a form or medium which permits accurate reproduction of the document in paper form. If the medium chosen for retention is photographic, all film used for capture or retention of images must meet the quality standards of the American national standards institute (ANSI). If the medium chosen for retention is digital, it must be secure against unauthorized or undetected alteration or deletion. If the medium itself does not preclude alteration or deletion, the custodial state officer must insure that a document can be restored from a backup medium which may or may not be digital.
(4)  If a document is received as a data stream, it must be retained in a system which is secure against unauthorized or undetected alteration or deletion of data, and which provides for periodic backup of data for off-site storage. The system must permit the document to be readily and intelligibly reproduced on paper.
(5)  If a document is received in paper form or as an image of a paper document, and if the receiving state officer retains it in another form or medium as permitted in subsection (3) of this section, then the original of the document may be disposed of or returned to the sender, provided that such disposition or return is done pursuant to statute or an administrative rule promulgated under section 67-5751, Idaho Code.
(6)  A document retained by a state officer in any form or medium permitted under this section shall be deemed to be an original public record for all purposes. A reproduction or copy of such a document, certified by the state officer, shall be deemed to be a transcript or certified copy of the original, and shall be admissible before any court or administrative hearing.

[9-328, added 1992, ch. 165, sec. 2, p. 529; am. 1997, ch. 74, sec. 1, p. 154.]

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