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31-3503A.  Powers and duties of THE board. The board shall, under such limitations and restrictions as are prescribed by law:
(1)  Pay for the cost of necessary medical services for a medically indigent resident, as provided in this chapter, where the cost of necessary medical services when paid at the reimbursement rate exceeds the total sum of eleven thousand dollars ($11,000) in the aggregate per resident in any consecutive twelve (12) month period;
(2)  Have the right to negotiate provider agreements, contract for utilization management or any portion thereof, pay for authorized expenses directly, or indirectly through the use of alternative programs, that would assist in managing costs of providing health care for indigent persons, and all other powers incident to the board’s duties created by this chapter;
(3)  Cooperate with the department, respective counties of the state and contractors retained by the department or county commissioners to provide services including, but not limited to, eligibility review and utilization management on behalf of the counties and the board;
(4)  Require, as the board deems necessary, annual reports from each county and each hospital including, but not limited to, the following:
(a)  From each county and for each applicant:
(i)    Case number and the date services began;
(ii)   Age;
(iii)  Residence;
(iv)   Sex;
(v)    Diagnosis;
(vi)   Income;
(vii)  Family size;
(viii) Amount of costs incurred including provider, legal and administrative charges;
(ix)   Approval or denial; and
(x)    Reasons for denial.
(b)  From each hospital:
(i)    990 tax forms or comparable information;
(ii)   Cost of charges where charitable care was provided; and
(iii)  Administrative and legal costs incurred in processing claims under this chapter.
(5)  Authorize all disbursements from the catastrophic health care cost program in accordance with the provisions of this chapter;
(6)  Make and enter into contracts;
(7)  Develop and submit a proposed budget setting forth the amount necessary to perform its functions and prepare an annual report;
(8)  Perform such other duties as set forth in the laws of this state; and
(9)  Conduct examinations, investigations, audits and hear testimony and take proof, under oath or affirmation, at public or private hearings, on any matter necessary to fulfill its duties.

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